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Monday, 1/22
Kahoot game to help review for Midterm/final

Friday, 1/19
Analyzed MLK "I Have a Dream" speech

Tuesday, 1/16 - Thursday, 1/18
Notes on the Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Friday, 1/12

Wednesday, 1/10 - Thursday, 1/11
Students work on the speech

Tuesday, 1/9
Assigned the Commemorative Speech
Work on the speech

Monday, 1/8
Finished the notes on Special Occasion Speeches

Winter break

Wednesday, 12/20 - Friday, 12/22
Notes on Special Occasion Speeches

Friday, 12/14 - Tuesday, 12/19
Speech presentations

Thursday, 12/14

Friday, 12/8 - Wednesday, 12/13
Work on Speeches

Thursday, 12/7
Persuasive Speech assignment -- Speeches are due Wednesday, 12/13
Sign up for speech date and order
Work on speeches.

Wednesday, 12/6
Ch. 18 and 21 Test
Visual Aid Presentation

Tuesday, 12/5
Bell work: More Ethos, Pathos, Logos stuff
Went over old work

Monday, 12/4
Finished the notes for Chapter 21
Homework for tonight: "Find the Fallacy" -- due Tuesday, 12/5

Friday, 12/1

Notes: Chapter 21: Persuasion -- Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Finished the packet -- whatever not finished, it homework and due on Monday, 12/4

Thursday, 11/30/17
No bell work
Notes on Audience types (Supportive, Neutral, Indifferent, & Hostile)
Appeals (Pathos, Ethos, and didn't make it to Logos, yet)
Homework: Part of the Pathos, Ethos, and Logos packet

Wednesday, 11/29

Turn in homework (MacArthur/Ripken Speech -- Using Language Effectively

Bell work: Alliteration

Notes: Chapter 21 Persuasion -- Motivation and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Persuasion and Motivation "packet"

Tuesday, 11/28
Bell work: Metaphor
Notes on chapter 21: Persuasion

Monday, 11/27
Bell work: Hyperbole
Speech Analysis: MacArthur and Ripken -- Using Language Effectively -- Due Wednesday, 11/29

Wednesday, 11/22 - Friday, 11/24
Thanksgiving break!

Monday, 11/20 - Tuesday, 11/21

Finish Chapter 18 notes

Expressive Language Worksheet -- due Tuesday, 11/21 by the end of the hour

Monday, 11/13 - Friday, 11/17


Notes on Expressive Language

Friday, 11/20/17
Worked on the speech
Printed out what was submitted and handed out to the students

Thursday, 11/9/17
Worked on the speech

Wednesday, 11/8

Went over the Demonstration Rubric

Went over my example -- note: I didn't cite it!! I normally would.

Students signed up for their speech day/order/topic

Students worked on their speeches

Tuesday, 11/7 -- No students: Professional Development for Teachers

Monday, 11/6
Chapter 15 quiz
Demonstrated a demonstration speech
Students worked on their speeches

Friday, 11/3

Went over some Informative Speech stuff

Assigned the Demonstration speech

Thursday, 11/2
Bell work: Fact and Opinion
Finished the presentation on How to Organize your Speech
Went over the outline

Wednesday, 11/1
Collected homework
Bell work: Fact Vs. Opinion
Notes: Organizing Your Speech

Tuesday, 10/31

Finished chapter 15 notes

Chapter 15 -- Using the Internet

Chapter 15 -- Supporting Your Thesis

Monday, 10/30

Chapter 15 -- Research Efficiency Worksheet

Chapter 15 notes -- starting with Using the Internet

Friday, 10/27/17
No bell work today

6th hour: Collected the Chapter 15 -- Primary and Secondary Sources
Chapter 15 notes on Research Efficiency

7th hour: Had them do the Chapter 15 -- Primary and Secondary Sources
Chapter 15 notes on Research Efficiency

Thursday, 10/27
Chapter 14 Quiz
chapter 15 notes -- got to Primary and Secondary sources
in 6th hour: Gave them Primary and Secondary Sources worksheet -- due tomorrow

Wednesday, 10/25

Bell work: chapter 14 Preparing to Speak "Test"

Went over chapter 14 stuff

Worked on Chapter 15 notes

Assigned the worksheet: Chapter 15 -- The Need to Research (6th hour only) -- will finish tomorrow.


Tuesday, 10/24

6th hour:

Bell work on Purpose Statement

Started notes on chapter 15

7th hour:

No bell work

Finished chapter 14 notes

Handed out the chapter 14 worksheet -- due tomorrow

Monday, 10/23

Journal # 19

Chapter 14 notes

Finish impromptus

Friday, 10/20/17



Start ch. 14 notes

Thursday, 10/19



Wednesday, 10/18/17

Journal # 16


Tuesday, 10/17/17


Stage Fright Presentation

Monday, 10/16/17
Chapter 5 Quiz
"What do you Think?" -- due by the end of the hour.

Friday, 10/13/17

No school for students: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, 10/12/17
Bell work: Similes
Tongue Twister
Perception Practice
Go over chapter 5 reading guide

Wednesday, 10/11/17

Tongue Twister

Finish Chapter 5 Reading Guide

Perception Practice

Tuesday, 10/10/17


Tongue Twister

Finish the Chapter 5 Notes

Monday, 10/9/17

No journal

Chapter 5 Reading Guide - turn in to the sub

Friday, 10/6
Chapter 5 Presentation/notes

Thursday, 10/5
Chapter 5 notes

Wednesday, 10/4

Turn in the Chapter 4 Reading Guide


Go over the Reading Guide

Quiz on Chapter 4

Start Chapter 5 notes

Tuesday, 10/3/17

No journal

Students diligently worked on chapter 4 reading guide -- due when walk in tomorrow

Monday, 10/2/17
No journal today
Finish the chapter 4 notes
Chapter 4 Reading Guide -- due tomorrow at the end of the hour

Friday, 9/2917


Tongue Twister

Finish ch. 4 notes

Start the Ch. 4 Reading Guide

Thursday, 9/28
Tongue Twister
Chapter 4 notes

Wednesday, 9/27/17
Journal # 10
Tongue Twister
Chapter 4 notes

Tuesday, 9/26


Tongue Twister

Cornell Notetaking Presentation

Chapter 4: Notes

Chapter 4 quiz will be on Tuesday, 10/3

Monday, 9/25/17

Chapter 1 and 3 test

Friday, 9/22/17
Go over chapter 3 Reading Guide and puzzle sheet

Thursday, 9/21/17


Finish the chapter 3 notes

Wednesday, 9/20/17
No bell work or journal
New seating arrangements
Notes on chapter 3

Tuesday, 9/19/17 -- NO JOURNAL
1. Turn in your Chapter 1 Communication Process Activity Sheet
2. Bell work: Grab a Chapter 3 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle – 10 minutes to complete
3. Fifteen minutes for Chapter 3 Reading Guide
4. Tongue Twister
5. Chapter 3 notes

Monday, 9/18/17
Journal # 6
Tongue Twister
Go over Chapter 1 work
Finish Chapter 3 Reading Guide
Communication Process Activity Sheet

Friday, 9/15/17

No journal

No tongue twisters

Read chapter 3 and work on the Reading Guide

Thursday, 9/14

Journal # 5

Tongue Twister

Finish presentations (7th hour only)

Work on the Ch. 3 Reading guide

Wednesday, 9/13
Context Role Playing

Tuesday, 9/12
No journal
Finished chapter 1 notes
Handed out the chapter 1 practice worksheet -- due Thursday

Monday, 9/11
Continued Chapter 1 notes

Friday, 9/8
Continued chapter 1 notes

Thursday, 9/7
Tongue Twister
Got kids into google classroom
Continued chapter 1 notes

Wednesday, 9/6
Tongue Twister
Began chapter 1 notes

Tuesday, 9/5
Peer Interviews and Introductions

Friday, 9/1 and Monday, 9/4
Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, 8/31
Finish "Skittles Ice Breaker Game"
Crossword game
Three Things in Common

Wednesday, 8/30
Skittles ice breaker game

Tuesday, 8/29
Went over the syllabus:
Public Speaking Syllabus

Monday, 8/28
Teacher introduction
"Getting to know you" activities