Always go to the Google Classroom to get the actual work!

Monday, 4/9

Discussed SAT procedure for tomorrow

Reiterated Strategies

Students had "free" time to catch up on work, journals, or study for the test on chapters 1 - 4 of The Great Gatsby on Friday, 4/13.

Friday, 3/30 through Friday, 4/6


Thursday, 3/29

We went over chapter 2, 3, & 4 Comprehension Check questions in hours 3 - 5.

We went over chapter 4 Comprehension Check questions in 1st hour.

Students finished the Foreshadowing and predicting packet and turned it in (except 4th and 5th hour)

If there was time, we watched a little bit of the Ken Burns' documentary Prohibition

Wednesday, 3/28

The Great Gatsby TEST for chapter 1 - 4 has been postponed to Friday, 4/13 -- the week we come back from spring break.

I will start grading journals on Monday, 4/9 -- the day we come back from break. Make sure your journal is there! Journals 23 - 33. 55 POINTS are possible!

1st hour:

Students worked on the Foreshadowing and Prediction "packet"

We went over chapter 2 and 3 Comprehension Check questions/answers

-- Chapter 4 Comprehension Check questions are due when students walk in

3rd hour:

Journal # 33

We finished reading chapter 4

Students worked on the Foreshadowing and Prediction "Packet"

-- Chapter 4 Comprehension Check questions are due when students walk in

4th hour:

Journal # 33

Read all of chapter 4

-- chapter 4 comprehension check questions are due when students walk in

5th hour:

Journal # 33

Finished reading chapter 4

Students worked on the Foreshadowing and Prediction "Packet"

-- Chapter 4 Comprehension Check questions are due when students walk in

Tuesday, 3/27

Vocabulary quiz -- the LAST one for the THIRD QUARTER!!!!

Read The Great Gatsby in all classes, but 4th. Fourth hour went to the career fair.

I handed out the Chapter 4 Comprehension Check questions to all classes.

1st hour: Finished chapter 4

3rd hour: Left off on page 74 (2:21:36 on youtube recording)

4th hour: Need to start on page 61 (1:56:12)

5th hour: Left off on page 71 (2:17:06)

Monday, 3/26

SAT Student Information/demographic answer sheet bubbling

Friday, 3/23 -- 1st hour only

Journal # 33

Read up to page 74 in The Great Gatsby

Handed out the chapter 4 Comprehension Check Questions -- due Thursday, 3/29

All other hours, there were hardly any students -- so they will all be trying to catch up.

Thursday, 3/22

Journal #32


Went over Ch. 1 questions

Showed part of the party scene for the movie Gatsby

Handed out the vocabulary worksheet -- due Monday, 3/26

Wednesday, 3/21

Journal #31

Handed out the Characterization and Values of the Jazz Age: Chapter 3

My intention was:

Students to work in pairs/trios for 30 minutes on the front

Share out on a character and his/her value


I let students finish reading chapter 3 in class while working on the Chapter 3 Comprehension check and the Characterization and Values of the Jazz Age: Chapter 3 -- due when they walk in tomorrow.


Chapter 3 Comprehension Check

Back of the Characterization and Values of the Jazz Age: Chapter 3

The Great Gatsby chapter 1 - 4 test will be on Wednesday, 3/28!!!

Tuesday, 3/20 -- at 12:15 it is the first day of spring!

Vocabulary quiz

New Vocabulary Presentation

Homework: Finish chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby:

Monday, 3/19

Ms. Clary is out today -- Students must be on their BEST behavior!!!!!

Bell work: "Vocabulary # 21 Practice for the quiz on Tuesday, 3/20 -- 30 minutes TOPS to complete this

Get the "Chapter Three: Comprehension Check" and work on it as you read chapter 3

READ chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby -- as far as you can get! -- full version -- abridged

Friday, 3/16

If you haven't taken the survey, please do so. The deadline is today. If you do not pick, I was told you will be placed in the quiet room.

Collected the Ch. 1 Character Trait sheet

Bell work: Reading Practice Set 4 -- 13 minutes

Read Chapter 2

Thursday, 3/15

Please take this survey:

Journal # 30

7 lines/7 minutes

Brainstorm the synonyms and/or words associated with the word “GREAT”. What ideas, words, phrases, or thoughts come to mind connected to “great”? How is a person great? How are things or situations great? Explain.

ACT Workkeys bubbling

Read chapter 2 of The Great Gatsby

Handed out the Chapter 2 Comprehension Check questions -- due Monday, 3/19

Also due Monday: "What Does That Mean?"

Due tomorrow: The Ch. 1 Character Traits

Wednesday, 3/14

Turn in your Narration and Point of View packet

Journal # 29

Students got into groups and worked on the Chapter 1: Character Traits

-First, find a direct characterization quote from chapter one describing each character. Write the page number and the quote in the "Supporting Quotations and page #" box.

-Then, in the put that description in a brief summary and also write your conclusions about the character in the box labeled: "Descriptions and Conclusions".

-Find a direct characterization or an indirect characterization quote about the character's personality. Write the page number and the quote in the "Supporting Quotations and Page #" box.

-Then, put that in your own words and draw a conclusion about the character and write all that in the "Descriptions and Conclusions" box.

DO THIS AS A GROUP! Whatever is not finished is homework and due on Friday, 3/16.

*"What Does That Mean" worksheet will be due on Monday, 3/19.

Tuesday, 3/13

Students turned in the "Chapter One: Comprehension Check" questions

Took Vocabulary quiz

Presented the new vocabulary list

Monday, 3/12


Finish reading The Great Gatsby

Notes on POV

Handed out The "Chapter One: Standards Focus: Narrator and Point of View" -- Due Wednesday, 3/14 when walk in

Tomorrow: Vocabulary Quiz and the "Chapter One: Comprehension Check" questions are due when walk in

Friday, 3/9
Parent-teacher conferences -- no students

Thursday, 3/8
Journal # 27
Went over the F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography sheet
Read part of chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby

Wednesday, 3/7
Journal # 26
Students turned in homework
Activity: 1920s discussion in small groups (5th hour -- the whole group)
Assigned the books
In hours 3 and 5: Passed out the "What does That Mean?" (due on Friday, 3/16) and the "Chapter one Comprehension Questions" (due Tuesday, 3/13)

Tuesday, 3/6
Vocabulary Quiz
New vocabulary list
F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography sheet and questions on the back -- due Wednesday, 3/8

Monday, 3/5/18
Bell work: Reading Practice Set 3
Watched The Emergence of Modern America: The Roaring Twenties and took notes
Students worked on "The Jazz Age and Today: Comparison Chart" and completed the questions on the back for homework -- due Wednesday, 3/7.

Friday, 3/2/18
Snow Day

Thursday, 3/1/18
Bell work: 15 minutes to complete the Reading Practice Set 2
Go over old work
Wednesday, 2/28
SAT Model Exam 1 -- READING TEST
Students practiced the reading section of the SAT

*in 5th hour, we first finished the vocabulary presentation

Tuesday, 2/27
Vocabulary Quiz
New Vocabulary

Monday, 2/26
Go over passage from Friday
Students scored peers' essays using the SAT Rubric


Friday, 2/23
No bell work
50 minutes timed SAT Essay: Model Exam 3 -- Clary will grade using the SAT Rubric and students will also score the essay using the rubric
*This is a summative grade. If you are absent, you must write this essay at home. Please time yourself for the 50 minutes.

Thursday, 2/22
Bell work: Sentence Fixing Bell work
SAT Model Exam 1: Writing and Language Test -- 35 minutes timed
Went over it.

Wednesday, 2/21
Bell work: Reading Practice Set 1
Timed SAT Essay Outline practice -- 15 minutes
Go over old work


Tuesday, 2/20
Vocabulary Quiz
New Vocabulary
Go over old work

Monday, 2/19
No school -- President's Day

Friday, 2/16
Students turned in the homework
Bell work: W&L Practice Set 8
Timed outline work (all but 5th hour -- fire alarm threw us off)
Go over old work

Thursday, 2/15
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 7
Finish working on the outline for 20 minutes
Go over a sample outline
Go over some bell works and homeworks
HOMEWORK: Read, rate, and provide suggestions for improvement on a student essay DUE TOMORROW

Wednesday, 2/14
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 6
Went over the Essay Practice Set 3 and rated it
Put kids in groups/pairs and had them work with their SAT Mining packet to create an outline as though they were to use it to write an SAT Essay from it. We will finish on Thursday.

Tuesday, 2/13
Vocabulary Quiz
New vocabulary list for the quiz on Tuesday, 2/20
Went over some old work if we had time.

Monday, 2/12
Bell work: W&L Practice Set 5
Go over old work
Go over sample essay
Homework: Lesson 10: Use of Language -- DUE WEDNESDAY, 2/14

Friday, 2/9
Snow Day!

Thursday, 2/8/18
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 4
Went over the Writing and Language Practice Set 1 and the Synthesizing Multiple Texts and Graphics
Worked with example SAT Essays

Homework: Organization of Ideas -- due tomorrow!

Wednesday, 2/7
Turn in homework: Writing and Language: Development of Ideas
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 3 -- 8 minutes
Notes: SAT Essay Strategy
Homework: Relating Graphs to Texts

Tuesday, 2/6
Collected the Synthesizing Multiple Texts and Graphics packet and the SAT Passage Mining packet
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 2
New vocabulary words for the quiz on Tuesday, 2/13
Students worked in pairs on questions 1 - 4 of the Writing and Language: Development of Ideas packet
The rest of the packet is homework: DUE TOMORROW

Monday, 2/5
No students

Friday, 2/2/18
Bell work: Writing and Language Practice Set 1
Finished the SAT Strategies Presentation
Homework DUE TUESDAY, 2/2: FINISH the SAT Passage Mining, if you turned it in on Thursday AND do the Synthesizing Multiple Texts and Graphics

Thursday, 2/1/18
SAT Passage Mining -- due at the end of the hour

Wednesday, 1/31
Journal # 24
Go over the answers to the SAT practice tests students took on Monday and Tuesday.
Notes: SAT Test taking strategies

Tuesday, 1/30

Timed practice for the Reading Test for the SAT

Monday, 1/29

Journal # 23

Timed SAT Test Section: Writing and Language Test -- Practice

Friday, 1/26

No students -- Teacher Work Day

Tuesday, 1/23 - 1/25


Monday, 1/22

Collected homework: "How much is $10,000 and what could it buy?" and "Bio Poem"

Watched A Raisin in the Sun

Friday, 1/19

Watched A Raisin in the Sun

Collected the questions for Act II and III and the character chart

Thursday, 1/18/18

Journal # 22

Finish reading the play

"How Much is $10,000 and What could It Buy" sheet/activity -- due Monday, 1/22

"Bio Poem Activity" -- due Monday, 1/22

Finish questions and character chart -- due tomorrow, Friday, 1/19!

Wednesday, 1/17

Journal # 21

Read A Raisin in the Sun

Tuesday, 1/16

vocabulary quiz

Read A Raisin in the Sun

Friday, 1/12/18

Collected Act I questions

Journal # 20

Handed out Act II and III questions


Thursday, 1/11/18

Bell work: Fragment or Sentence II?

Went over a fragment bell work

Finished Act I of A Raisin in the Sun

Wednesday, 1/10
Bell work: Sentence or Fragment?
Read A Raisin in the Sun

Tuesday, 1/9
Journal # 19
Handed out the act I questions (due Friday, 1/12) and the character chart (due Friday, 2/19)
Read A Raisin in the Sun

Monday, 1/8/18
Journal # 18
Vocabulary presentation for vocabulary # 15 -- quiz on Tuesday, 1/16/18
Anticipation guide

Winter Break

Thursday, 12/21 - Friday, 12/22
Langston Hughes "Harlem"

Wednesday, 12/20
Vocabulary Quiz
Lorraine Hansberry bio
articles on Redlining

Tuesday, 12/19
Finished watching From Homeless to Harvard
Journal # 16

Monday, 12/18
Watched From Homeless to Harvard

Friday, 12/15
Vocabulary quiz
Gave new vocabulary
Started watching From Homeless to Harvard

Thursday, 12/14
Snow Day

Friday, 12/8. - Wednesday, 12/13

Work on the Optimist Essay

Thursday, 12/7

No bell work

Turn in article graphic organizer

Assign Optimist Essay -- due Wednesday, 12/13 at 11:59 p.m.

Went over introductions

Students took surveys/voted on snowcoming

Worked on Optimist Essay

Wednesday, 12/6/17

Breaking Night Test

Read Articles on Respect

Fill out the graphic organizer -- due Thursday, 12/7 when you walk in

Tuesday, 12/5
Turn in theme TIQA work
Vocab quiz
New vocabulary

Monday, 12/4
Turn in questions
Journal # 15
Theme work -- Theme TIQA due Tuesday, 12/5
ALSO: VOCABULARY QUIZ tomorrow and Breaking Night TEST on Wednesday!

Friday, 12/1

Students worked on the questions

We went over the other questions and the vocabulary bell work

Thursday, 11/30/17

Bell work: "Half a Score for Each (The Fragments)"

Finish Breaking Night

Handed out questions for chapters 9 - end and gave the rest of the hour (20 - 25) to work on them. BRING THEM ON FRIDAY! THE QUESTIONS ARE DUE MONDAY WHEN YOU WALK IN!

Wednesday, 11/29
Bell work: vocabulary # 12 bell work sheet

Tuesday, 11/28
Journal # 14
Vocabulary # 12 for the quiz on Tuesday, 12/5/17
Read Breaking Night

Monday, 11/27

Journal # 13

Presentation -- anyone left over from the week prior


Note: Test on Breaking Night on Friday!

Wednesday, 11/22 - Friday, 11/24
Thanksgiving break!

Tuesday, 11/21

Go over vocabulary worksheet -- if didn't yesterday

Vocabulary quiz

Presentations -- if there are any students left to present

Start reading chapter 12

Monday, 11/20/17
Projects due
Presentations of the Breaking Night Community Resource Project
Went over vocabulary worksheet -- if time

Friday, 11/17

Spending the hour talking about financial aid for college or any post high school education

Thursday, 11/16
Bell work: Another vocabulary Bell work
Finish chapter 10
Students worked on project

Wednesday, 11/15

Bell work: Vocabulary Bell work

Discuss chapter 9 Pearls and part of chapter 10

Finish or come close to finish chapter 10

Tuesday, 11/14

Vocabulary quiz

New vocabulary presentation for the Tuesday, 11/21 quiz

Monday, 11/13
Students turned in questions for chapters 6 - 8
Students worked on the project
Assigned reading -- Page 137 - 142 in the .pdf version of Breaking Night

Friday, 11/10/17

Journal # 12

Finished chapter 8 of Breaking Night

Assigned the summative project: Community Resources -- due Monday, 11/20/17

Thursday, 11/9/17
For hours 1 & 3: Finished vocabulary words and Read a big part of chapter 8
For hours 4 & 5: Read a huge part of chapter 8

Wednesday, 11/9/17

Vocabulary quiz

New set of vocabulary words

Tuesday, 11/7 -- No students

Monday, 11/6
Students turned in the AOTW on Truancy
Bell work: Homophones: There, their, and they're
Went over the bell work from Friday -- Too, to, and two
Went over the vocabulary worksheet
Read: finished chapter 7
Handed out the questions for Breaking Night chapters 6 - 8: Kids did chapter 6 & 7 -- due on Friday after we finish chapter 8

Friday, 11/3

Bell work: Commonly Confused Words: Too vs. To vs. Two -- Exempt if absent

Did a chart activity

Read Most of chapter 7

Thursday, 11/2
Bell work: Strong Adjectives
Read chapter 6: Boys
Handed out the vocabulary worksheet (I forgot 1st hour!) -- due tomorrow, Friday, 11/3

Wednesday, 11/1

Reading Quiz for chapter 5

Finished vocab presentation

Discussed chapter 5 of Breaking Night

Started reading chapter 6

Tuesday, 10/31/17

Students are to turn in their Literary Dominoes sheet using the TIQA style of analytical paragraph building

Vocabulary Quiz

New Article of the Week is assigned: ""New Truancy Law Set to Put Pressure on Schools, Parents" --- see Q2 Article of the Week topic

New vocabulary words for the quiz on Wednesday, 11/8/17 -- see Q2 Vocabulary

Monday, 10/30
Bell work: Vivid Adjectives
Finish Breaking Night Literary Dominoes - Due today

Friday, 10/17 -- TGIF!

Bell work: Halloween Mad Libs

Worked in partners and individually on Literary Dominoes

Thursday, 10/26/17

Quiz -- Did you Read chapter 4?

Finished up characterization paper -- due tomorrow at the beginning of class

Discussed chapter 4 a bit

Wednesday, 10/25/17
Journal # 11
-Don't forget, I will begin grading journals this week!
Finished vocab presentation
Characterization work -- due Friday, 10/27
If finished, read chapter 4 in Breaking Night -- reading quiz tomorrow!


Tuesday, 10/24
Vocabulary Quiz
New vocabulary presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/31/17

Monday, 10/23/17

Bell work: "Another Capital Idea"

Characterization work -- paired or group work (all classes but 5th hour)

Homework: Read chapter 4 of Breaking Night by Thursday, 10/26/17

Also, don't forget that the project is due tomorrow! Also, we will have the vocabulary quiz tomorrow, too!

Friday, 10/20/17

Turn in Article of the Week

Go over PSAT results with Ms. Holliday

Thursday, 10/19/17

Collected Vocabulary homework

Bell work: Halloween Style Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb

Some notes on Characterization -- will finish either Friday or Monday

Assigned the summative project for this part of Breaking Night: "Tangible or Intangible Gifts" DUE TUESDAY

Wednesday, 10/18/17


Finish Vocab Presentation

For some classes -- Text Rendering due tomorrow

For all classes -- vocabulary homework due tomorrow

For some classes talked about characterization

Tuesday, 10/17/17
Vocabulary Quiz
AOTW: Due Friday
Started the Vocabulary Words for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/24

Monday, 10/16
Bell work: "What a Capital Idea" -- 15 minutes to work on it.
Finish Reading "Tsunami Weather" of Breaking Night
HOMEWORK: Study for the vocabulary quiz and complete and turn in the Text Rendering sheet

Friday, 10/13/17
No school for students: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, 10/12/17
Bell work: "Let's Be Proper"
Read part of Chapter 3 in Breaking Night

Wednesday, 10/11/17

Journal # 9

Finish Vocabulary Presentation

Read Breaking Night, Chapter 3: Tsunami Weather

Tuesday, 10/9/17

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/17/17

Monday, 10/10/17

No bell work or journal

Breaking Night Chapter 2 Close reading/questions on last section packet - turn in to the sub

Friday, 10/6
Parts of Speech test RETAKE
Vocabulary worksheet
Read (the rest) of Chapter 2 "Middle of Everything" in Breaking Night

Thursday, 10/5
Turn in the "Breaking Night -- The Basics" sheet
Journal# 8
Go over Wednesday's bell work and the parts of speech cross word puzzle
Read chapter 2 of Breaking Night
Check e-mails/pass back papers

Wednesday, 10/4 -- COUNT DAY/FREE DRESS DAY

Turn in the homework: "Review Activity 3"

Go over Friday and Monday's bell work

Finish Vocabulary Presentation

"Breaking Night -- The Basics" -- Due tomorrow if you cannot finish in class

Tuesday, 10/3/17
Vocabulary Quiz
Started the next vocabulary word presentation
"Review Activity 3 Checking Out the Two Sentences (Parts of Speech)" -- due when you walk in tomorrow

Monday, 10/2

Bell work: Parts of Speech for 10/2

Read the rest of chapter 1 "University Avenue" in Breaking Night

Limericks are due tomorrow! We have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow, too!

Friday, 9/29/17
Turn in the AOTW
Bell work: Part of Speech for 9/29
Go over yesterday's bell work
Read Breaking Night
Last 5 minutes: check e-mail and hand back old papers

Thursday, 9/28

Bell work: Chapter Review ex. A, 1- 10 printout

Anticipation Guide

Read Breaking Night


Vocab Limerick -- DUE TUESDAY, 10/3

Don't forget: AOTW (Article of the Week) is due TOMORROW, Friday, 9/29

Wednesday, 9/27/17
Turn in "Review Activity 2"
Bell work -- Part of speech
Finish the vocabulary presentation
KWL for Breaking Night
Anticipation Guide for Breaking Night
If we have time, we will actually begin READING Breaking Night

HOMEWORK: "Review Activity 3" due tomorrow, 9/28 & Article of the Week (AOTW) due Friday,9/29

Tuesday, 9/26
Vocabulary quiz

New vocabulary -- students taking notes using the Cornell way
Homework due tomorrow when students walk in: "Review Activity 2: Finding the Missing Link (Parts of Speech"
Homework due Friday, 9/29: Article of the Week "Re-reading is Inefficient (and other facts about studying)"

*Parts of Speech Test RETAKE will be on Friday, October 6

Monday, 9/25
Parts of Speech Test
Cornell Notes presentation
-You WILL be expected to take notes using this format from now, on.

Friday, 9/22/17

Turn in the AOTW and the vocabulary sheet

Journal # 7

Go over the conjunction work

Practice test on Parts of Speech

Kahoot on Parts of Speech

IF we have time: MAD LIBS!

Parts of Speech Summative on MONDAY!!!!!

Thursday, 9/21/17
Bell work: Part of Speech sheet
Students turned in the preposition sheets from homework
Went over yesterday's bell work, the preposition sheet and today's bell work
Conjunctions and Interjections
Homework: Vocabulary Homework due tomorrow AND the Article of the Week

Wednesday, 9/20/17

Bell work: Part of Speech sheet

Finish the Vocabulary Presentation

Went over Prepositions

Homework is due tomorrow: IF you didn't finish the preposition sheet, it is homework

Tuesday, 9/19/17

Vocab Quiz

First part of the vocabulary presentation -- will finish tomorrow.
AOTW -- due Friday, 9/22

Monday, 9/18/17
Students to check e-mail
Journal # 6
Go over vocabulary worksheet that was collected on Friday
Go over Adverbs and Prepositions
Homework: Due on Tuesday when you walk in

DON'T FORGET: There will be a test on PARTS OF SPEECH on Thursday, 9/21.

Friday, 9/15/17

Turn in homework (vocabulary sheet)

Bell work: "Listing Three Adjectives" -- collect

Go over Verb work

Adverb Work

Thursday, 9/14/17:
Collect verb homework
Journal # 5
Adjective work
Homework: Vocabulary Practice Worksheet -- due tomorrow

Wednesday, 9/13
Turn in "Connecting Verbs and Vocabulary"
Journal #4
Finish Vocab Presentation -- if applicable in your class
Go over:
"Two at a Time (Pronouns)", "Plus a Quotation (nouns)", "Nouns Abound in the Classroom", "Verbs" where students provided a verb for each letter of the alphabet
Students worked on "Where the Boys Are (Verbs)" and "You Will Not Need Help Here (Verbs) -- due tomorrow as students walk in, if didn't finish in class

Tuesday, 9/12
Vocab quiz
New vocabulary presentation

Monday, 9/11
-Bell work: “Plus a Quotation (Nouns)”: 7 minutes to work on it – COLLECT
-Go over vocabulary worksheet that you turned in on Monday
-Pronoun practice (4th and 5th hours)
-Verb work

Verb homework -- due tomorrow

Friday, 9/8
Worked on Nouns and Pronouns

Thursday, 9/7
Had class exchange Grammar Diagnostic and we scored them
Handed out the vocabulary worksheet -- due tomorrow (Friday)
AOTW is due tomorrow (Friday)

Wednesday, 9/6
Grammar Diagnostic
Allowed time to work on the Article of the Week -- due Friday.

Tuesday, 9/5
Vocabulary presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 9/12
Article of the Week (AOTW) on Sleep: due Friday, 9/8

Friday, 9/1 and Monday, 9/4
Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, 8/31
Learning Styles Assessment
Showed kids the wiki
Had kids join my google classroom
Student Personal Inventory and Interest Survey

SEE Google Classroom

Wednesday, 8/30
Collected the last page of the syllabus
Colors Personality Test and questions -- See Google Classroom

Tuesday, 8/29
Went over the syllabus:
English syllabus

Monday, 8/28
Teacher introduction
"Getting to know you" activities