Always go to the Google Classroom to get the actual work!

Tuesday, 1/30

Timed practice for the Reading Test for the SAT

Monday, 1/29

Journal # 23

Timed SAT Test Section: Writing and Language Test -- Practice

Friday, 1/26

No students -- Teacher Work Day

Tuesday, 1/23 - 1/25


Monday, 1/22

Collected homework: "How much is $10,000 and what could it buy?" and "Bio Poem"

Watched A Raisin in the Sun

Friday, 1/19

Watched A Raisin in the Sun

Collected the questions for Act II and III and the character chart

Thursday, 1/18/18

Journal # 22

Finish reading the play

"How Much is $10,000 and What could It Buy" sheet/activity -- due Monday, 1/22

"Bio Poem Activity" -- due Monday, 1/22

Finish questions and character chart -- due tomorrow, Friday, 1/19!

Wednesday, 1/17

Journal # 21

Read A Raisin in the Sun

Tuesday, 1/16

vocabulary quiz

Read A Raisin in the Sun

Friday, 1/12/18

Collected Act I questions

Journal # 20

Handed out Act II and III questions


Thursday, 1/11/18

Bell work: Fragment or Sentence II?

Went over a fragment bell work

Finished Act I of A Raisin in the Sun

Wednesday, 1/10
Bell work: Sentence or Fragment?
Read A Raisin in the Sun

Tuesday, 1/9
Journal # 19
Handed out the act I questions (due Friday, 1/12) and the character chart (due Friday, 2/19)
Read A Raisin in the Sun

Monday, 1/8/18
Journal # 18
Vocabulary presentation for vocabulary # 15 -- quiz on Tuesday, 1/16/18
Anticipation guide

Winter Break

Thursday, 12/21 - Friday, 12/22
Langston Hughes "Harlem"

Wednesday, 12/20
Vocabulary Quiz
Lorraine Hansberry bio
articles on Redlining

Tuesday, 12/19
Finished watching From Homeless to Harvard
Journal # 16

Monday, 12/18
Watched From Homeless to Harvard

Friday, 12/15
Vocabulary quiz
Gave new vocabulary
Started watching From Homeless to Harvard

Thursday, 12/14
Snow Day

Friday, 12/8. - Wednesday, 12/13

Work on the Optimist Essay

Thursday, 12/7

No bell work

Turn in article graphic organizer

Assign Optimist Essay -- due Wednesday, 12/13 at 11:59 p.m.

Went over introductions

Students took surveys/voted on snowcoming

Worked on Optimist Essay

Wednesday, 12/6/17

Breaking Night Test

Read Articles on Respect

Fill out the graphic organizer -- due Thursday, 12/7 when you walk in

Tuesday, 12/5
Turn in theme TIQA work
Vocab quiz
New vocabulary

Monday, 12/4
Turn in questions
Journal # 15
Theme work -- Theme TIQA due Tuesday, 12/5
ALSO: VOCABULARY QUIZ tomorrow and Breaking Night TEST on Wednesday!

Friday, 12/1

Students worked on the questions

We went over the other questions and the vocabulary bell work

Thursday, 11/30/17

Bell work: "Half a Score for Each (The Fragments)"

Finish Breaking Night

Handed out questions for chapters 9 - end and gave the rest of the hour (20 - 25) to work on them. BRING THEM ON FRIDAY! THE QUESTIONS ARE DUE MONDAY WHEN YOU WALK IN!

Wednesday, 11/29
Bell work: vocabulary # 12 bell work sheet

Tuesday, 11/28
Journal # 14
Vocabulary # 12 for the quiz on Tuesday, 12/5/17
Read Breaking Night

Monday, 11/27

Journal # 13

Presentation -- anyone left over from the week prior


Note: Test on Breaking Night on Friday!

Wednesday, 11/22 - Friday, 11/24
Thanksgiving break!

Tuesday, 11/21

Go over vocabulary worksheet -- if didn't yesterday

Vocabulary quiz

Presentations -- if there are any students left to present

Start reading chapter 12

Monday, 11/20/17
Projects due
Presentations of the Breaking Night Community Resource Project
Went over vocabulary worksheet -- if time

Friday, 11/17

Spending the hour talking about financial aid for college or any post high school education

Thursday, 11/16
Bell work: Another vocabulary Bell work
Finish chapter 10
Students worked on project

Wednesday, 11/15

Bell work: Vocabulary Bell work

Discuss chapter 9 Pearls and part of chapter 10

Finish or come close to finish chapter 10

Tuesday, 11/14

Vocabulary quiz

New vocabulary presentation for the Tuesday, 11/21 quiz

Monday, 11/13
Students turned in questions for chapters 6 - 8
Students worked on the project
Assigned reading -- Page 137 - 142 in the .pdf version of Breaking Night

Friday, 11/10/17

Journal # 12

Finished chapter 8 of Breaking Night

Assigned the summative project: Community Resources -- due Monday, 11/20/17

Thursday, 11/9/17
For hours 1 & 3: Finished vocabulary words and Read a big part of chapter 8
For hours 4 & 5: Read a huge part of chapter 8

Wednesday, 11/9/17

Vocabulary quiz

New set of vocabulary words

Tuesday, 11/7 -- No students

Monday, 11/6
Students turned in the AOTW on Truancy
Bell work: Homophones: There, their, and they're
Went over the bell work from Friday -- Too, to, and two
Went over the vocabulary worksheet
Read: finished chapter 7
Handed out the questions for Breaking Night chapters 6 - 8: Kids did chapter 6 & 7 -- due on Friday after we finish chapter 8

Friday, 11/3

Bell work: Commonly Confused Words: Too vs. To vs. Two -- Exempt if absent

Did a chart activity

Read Most of chapter 7

Thursday, 11/2
Bell work: Strong Adjectives
Read chapter 6: Boys
Handed out the vocabulary worksheet (I forgot 1st hour!) -- due tomorrow, Friday, 11/3

Wednesday, 11/1

Reading Quiz for chapter 5

Finished vocab presentation

Discussed chapter 5 of Breaking Night

Started reading chapter 6

Tuesday, 10/31/17

Students are to turn in their Literary Dominoes sheet using the TIQA style of analytical paragraph building

Vocabulary Quiz

New Article of the Week is assigned: ""New Truancy Law Set to Put Pressure on Schools, Parents" --- see Q2 Article of the Week topic

New vocabulary words for the quiz on Wednesday, 11/8/17 -- see Q2 Vocabulary

Monday, 10/30
Bell work: Vivid Adjectives
Finish Breaking Night Literary Dominoes - Due today

Friday, 10/17 -- TGIF!

Bell work: Halloween Mad Libs

Worked in partners and individually on Literary Dominoes

Thursday, 10/26/17

Quiz -- Did you Read chapter 4?

Finished up characterization paper -- due tomorrow at the beginning of class

Discussed chapter 4 a bit

Wednesday, 10/25/17
Journal # 11
-Don't forget, I will begin grading journals this week!
Finished vocab presentation
Characterization work -- due Friday, 10/27
If finished, read chapter 4 in Breaking Night -- reading quiz tomorrow!


Tuesday, 10/24
Vocabulary Quiz
New vocabulary presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/31/17

Monday, 10/23/17

Bell work: "Another Capital Idea"

Characterization work -- paired or group work (all classes but 5th hour)

Homework: Read chapter 4 of Breaking Night by Thursday, 10/26/17

Also, don't forget that the project is due tomorrow! Also, we will have the vocabulary quiz tomorrow, too!

Friday, 10/20/17

Turn in Article of the Week

Go over PSAT results with Ms. Holliday

Thursday, 10/19/17

Collected Vocabulary homework

Bell work: Halloween Style Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb

Some notes on Characterization -- will finish either Friday or Monday

Assigned the summative project for this part of Breaking Night: "Tangible or Intangible Gifts" DUE TUESDAY

Wednesday, 10/18/17


Finish Vocab Presentation

For some classes -- Text Rendering due tomorrow

For all classes -- vocabulary homework due tomorrow

For some classes talked about characterization

Tuesday, 10/17/17
Vocabulary Quiz
AOTW: Due Friday
Started the Vocabulary Words for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/24

Monday, 10/16
Bell work: "What a Capital Idea" -- 15 minutes to work on it.
Finish Reading "Tsunami Weather" of Breaking Night
HOMEWORK: Study for the vocabulary quiz and complete and turn in the Text Rendering sheet

Friday, 10/13/17
No school for students: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thursday, 10/12/17
Bell work: "Let's Be Proper"
Read part of Chapter 3 in Breaking Night

Wednesday, 10/11/17

Journal # 9

Finish Vocabulary Presentation

Read Breaking Night, Chapter 3: Tsunami Weather

Tuesday, 10/9/17

Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 10/17/17

Monday, 10/10/17

No bell work or journal

Breaking Night Chapter 2 Close reading/questions on last section packet - turn in to the sub

Friday, 10/6
Parts of Speech test RETAKE
Vocabulary worksheet
Read (the rest) of Chapter 2 "Middle of Everything" in Breaking Night

Thursday, 10/5
Turn in the "Breaking Night -- The Basics" sheet
Journal# 8
Go over Wednesday's bell work and the parts of speech cross word puzzle
Read chapter 2 of Breaking Night
Check e-mails/pass back papers

Wednesday, 10/4 -- COUNT DAY/FREE DRESS DAY

Turn in the homework: "Review Activity 3"

Go over Friday and Monday's bell work

Finish Vocabulary Presentation

"Breaking Night -- The Basics" -- Due tomorrow if you cannot finish in class

Tuesday, 10/3/17
Vocabulary Quiz
Started the next vocabulary word presentation
"Review Activity 3 Checking Out the Two Sentences (Parts of Speech)" -- due when you walk in tomorrow

Monday, 10/2

Bell work: Parts of Speech for 10/2

Read the rest of chapter 1 "University Avenue" in Breaking Night

Limericks are due tomorrow! We have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow, too!

Friday, 9/29/17
Turn in the AOTW
Bell work: Part of Speech for 9/29
Go over yesterday's bell work
Read Breaking Night
Last 5 minutes: check e-mail and hand back old papers

Thursday, 9/28

Bell work: Chapter Review ex. A, 1- 10 printout

Anticipation Guide

Read Breaking Night


Vocab Limerick -- DUE TUESDAY, 10/3

Don't forget: AOTW (Article of the Week) is due TOMORROW, Friday, 9/29

Wednesday, 9/27/17
Turn in "Review Activity 2"
Bell work -- Part of speech
Finish the vocabulary presentation
KWL for Breaking Night
Anticipation Guide for Breaking Night
If we have time, we will actually begin READING Breaking Night

HOMEWORK: "Review Activity 3" due tomorrow, 9/28 & Article of the Week (AOTW) due Friday,9/29

Tuesday, 9/26
Vocabulary quiz

New vocabulary -- students taking notes using the Cornell way
Homework due tomorrow when students walk in: "Review Activity 2: Finding the Missing Link (Parts of Speech"
Homework due Friday, 9/29: Article of the Week "Re-reading is Inefficient (and other facts about studying)"

*Parts of Speech Test RETAKE will be on Friday, October 6

Monday, 9/25
Parts of Speech Test
Cornell Notes presentation
-You WILL be expected to take notes using this format from now, on.

Friday, 9/22/17

Turn in the AOTW and the vocabulary sheet

Journal # 7

Go over the conjunction work

Practice test on Parts of Speech

Kahoot on Parts of Speech

IF we have time: MAD LIBS!

Parts of Speech Summative on MONDAY!!!!!

Thursday, 9/21/17
Bell work: Part of Speech sheet
Students turned in the preposition sheets from homework
Went over yesterday's bell work, the preposition sheet and today's bell work
Conjunctions and Interjections
Homework: Vocabulary Homework due tomorrow AND the Article of the Week

Wednesday, 9/20/17

Bell work: Part of Speech sheet

Finish the Vocabulary Presentation

Went over Prepositions

Homework is due tomorrow: IF you didn't finish the preposition sheet, it is homework

Tuesday, 9/19/17

Vocab Quiz

First part of the vocabulary presentation -- will finish tomorrow.
AOTW -- due Friday, 9/22

Monday, 9/18/17
Students to check e-mail
Journal # 6
Go over vocabulary worksheet that was collected on Friday
Go over Adverbs and Prepositions
Homework: Due on Tuesday when you walk in

DON'T FORGET: There will be a test on PARTS OF SPEECH on Thursday, 9/21.

Friday, 9/15/17

Turn in homework (vocabulary sheet)

Bell work: "Listing Three Adjectives" -- collect

Go over Verb work

Adverb Work

Thursday, 9/14/17:
Collect verb homework
Journal # 5
Adjective work
Homework: Vocabulary Practice Worksheet -- due tomorrow

Wednesday, 9/13
Turn in "Connecting Verbs and Vocabulary"
Journal #4
Finish Vocab Presentation -- if applicable in your class
Go over:
"Two at a Time (Pronouns)", "Plus a Quotation (nouns)", "Nouns Abound in the Classroom", "Verbs" where students provided a verb for each letter of the alphabet
Students worked on "Where the Boys Are (Verbs)" and "You Will Not Need Help Here (Verbs) -- due tomorrow as students walk in, if didn't finish in class

Tuesday, 9/12
Vocab quiz
New vocabulary presentation

Monday, 9/11
-Bell work: “Plus a Quotation (Nouns)”: 7 minutes to work on it – COLLECT
-Go over vocabulary worksheet that you turned in on Monday
-Pronoun practice (4th and 5th hours)
-Verb work

Verb homework -- due tomorrow

Friday, 9/8
Worked on Nouns and Pronouns

Thursday, 9/7
Had class exchange Grammar Diagnostic and we scored them
Handed out the vocabulary worksheet -- due tomorrow (Friday)
AOTW is due tomorrow (Friday)

Wednesday, 9/6
Grammar Diagnostic
Allowed time to work on the Article of the Week -- due Friday.

Tuesday, 9/5
Vocabulary presentation for the quiz on Tuesday, 9/12
Article of the Week (AOTW) on Sleep: due Friday, 9/8

Friday, 9/1 and Monday, 9/4
Labor Day Holiday

Thursday, 8/31
Learning Styles Assessment
Showed kids the wiki
Had kids join my google classroom
Student Personal Inventory and Interest Survey

SEE Google Classroom

Wednesday, 8/30
Collected the last page of the syllabus
Colors Personality Test and questions -- See Google Classroom

Tuesday, 8/29
Went over the syllabus:
English syllabus

Monday, 8/28
Teacher introduction
"Getting to know you" activities